The Sorting Candle

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Ever wondered where you'd be sorted? Find out! Even if you know where your heart is at, this can be fun to simply embrace the house qualities for when the candle is lit! 

This Sorting candle changes into one of four colours once you burn it for a while. Smells of light snacks just before the ceremony starts: ginger biscuits & lavender tea. 


Don't be discouraged if you see a different colour from the house you identify, simply embrace those different qualities during that day! These are all random so you will not know what you got until you see it! Typically you have to burn this for a good couple of hours to see the colour appearing, please be patient and remember not to leave your candle lit for over 2.5h at the time.


Sorting candles are infused by magic and so sparkle when lit! 

The tins are 7oz. 

Scent strength: medium to strong.

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