FAQs & Information

Q: What are the sizes of the jars and tins?

   The jars are approximately 7oz and tins are 4oz.


Q: How to care for my candles?

   Some sweating might occur during the shipping depends on the weather and if they position your parcel next to a heater/engine (because life is cruel). If ti does - that's fine, just wipe it / soak it with a cotton ball or some tissue paper and light away! 
Please burn your new candle for at least 2 -3 hours during your first burn to allow for a maximum candle life. 
All my wicks are self-trimming, however that's a misleading name as you still need to snap the wick if you notice it's too long. Just gently tug on the black part and it will naturally snap. You only ever need 1cm of wick to light the candle.


Q: What NOT to do?

   Do not leave your pretty candle in direct sun light. Candles are vampires by nature and thus will be super sad if left in the sun. And they will melt rebelliously and in some cases even change colour. And not in a fun, fancy way. In the 'oh well this looks a bit different from the other bit' sort of way.

Please do NOT leave your candle unattended for any period of time and treat with care after a long period of use as the container might get hot.

Do not place your candle in narrow shelves or anywhere where there's something above the flame that can catch fire.

When your candle reaches around 1.5 cm to the bottom, please STOP burning it.


Q: Where do you ship?

   We offer World wide shipping, if you cannot see your country on the list please send us a message and I will add it.


Q: Why is shipping so expensive?

Shipping prices are entirely controlled by Post Offices and we, sadly, can't influence these. When sending parcels, the weight is the variable that will define how much it costs. Unfortunately that means that candles are always quite painful to ship as it's quite a heavy object. We always ask people to make sure they really want to/can afford the product before purchasing. I know we all work hard for our money and I'd rather have you happy! 


Q: What to do if you included a wrong shipping address?

   If you have noticed that you indicated an incorrect shipping address & your parcel has not been marked as dispatched please contact the shop ASAP and we will add a note with your corrected address. 

We are, however, unable to refund purchases if these have been already sent to an incorrect address.


Q: Will customs charges be covered if they occur?

   Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. We are not responsible for delays due to customs.